Shop with Decky's Heroes


Eligible participants will receive emails or letters with an invitation to the 2nd Annual Shop with Decky's Heroes event in fall 2024.


Fred Meyer 

Warrenton, Oregon


The 1st Annual Shop with Decky's Heroes event was a success during December 2023. The dates for 2024 will be determined during the fall 2024.


Let us know if you can dedicate some time! We will be looking for volunteers for our 2nd Annual Shop with Decky's Heroes event. Fill out our volunteer form, or contact the foundation directly if you want to get involved. 


We are accepting donations to the Declan Reed Benenati Foundation. All proceeds go directly toward funding our programs. 

We can accept donations through this form

You can also donate directly through Venmo or PayPal to our username @declanrbfoundation.

We can also accept checks or cash during one of our events. 

Mission and Purpose of the Shop with Decky's Heroes Program: 

The holidays are often an especially stressful time of the year for individuals with developmental disabilities. Many do not have close relationships with family or are struggling to meet their basic needs. They may not have a lot of money left after the necessities are covered to replace worn out clothing or shoes, let alone buy things they desire. The Declan Reed Benenati Foundation wishes to help ease this burden. It is our hope that these funds are used to provide for unmet needs and bring some of Decky’s love and spirit to the holiday season. 


It is our goal that volunteers are gathered from the Clatsop County Developmental Disabilities Services office, local police and fire departments, healthcare systems, public schools, and anyone else interested to help with two days that participants will be able to go shopping during the month of December. 

Individuals eligible will be able to purchase items that they need and that would positively impact their lives. Eligible items include, but are not limited to, apparel, including shoes, seasonal outerwear (coats, gloves, hats), socks, underwear, pajamas, pants, shirts, and sweatshirts, books, educational materials, sensory toys, materials for a hobby (like painting supplies), or something else that they need. Prohibited items include alcohol, tobacco products, vape equipment and supplies, and firearms and supplies. Additional items may be noticed that leadership of the Foundation can determine are not eligible for purchase under this program. This is to preserve and honor the spirit and purpose of the program and what Declan Reed Benenati’s spirit represents.